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Privacy Statement

Privacy Policy

FITNZ takes your privacy very seriously.
We understand the need to safeguard your personal and other information, and respect your rights under the Privacy Act.

From time to time we collect, retain and use information about you that we reasonably believe will help us administer our business and provide you with relevant products, services and information. We maintain our security standards and regularly update our technology to provide protection for your personal and operational information. 

How we use your information

We do not sell, publish or give away your information. Information about you provided to us can be used by any of us and our suppliers to carry out our business. In certain circumstances, we may be obliged to disclose information to law enforcement or other government officials. 

We make every effort to keep your personal details up to date. You may at any time check the information we hold by accessing your online profile accessible via our website.

How we use e-mail

We may from time to time contact you by e-mail about changes to our services, promotions or operational matters on your account. We may keep details of any exchange of e-mails between us, as we do for traditional correspondence. 

We only use e-mail for marketing purposes with your consent. We may from time to time offer you a chance to opt-in to receive certain information and updates from us. You may at any time opt-out from all or some types of information through this channel. You can amend your details by returning the opt-out e-mail.
You may also call 0800 668811 to ask us to remove your e-mail address completely from your customer record, if you do not wish us to e-mail you at all, even for operational matters relating to your accounts with us.

What you can do to ensure your privacy

The most important thing for you to remember is never to let anyone else know your password. FIT employees will never ask for your password and you should never enter these on any website except FIT's.

As your password is user generated (chosen by you) we advise you to use an alpha numeric (numbers and digits) password of six or more characters .


FITNZ gathers the following information:


IP Address

FITNZ web servers (and our feedback form on the web) gather your IP address to help diagnose problems with our service, to administer our site, and to gather broad demographic information.  Demographic information is gathered in aggregate only and cannot be traced to an individual user.


FITNZ uses cookies to provide you with a better experience.  These cookies and applets allow you to use specific services such as Job Alert (a service which emails your chosen jobs), Application Tracker (to manage your FITNZ job applications), to remember who you are for Auto Login if you choose this option and to remember your last search criteria for My Last Search.  Users who do not wish to receive cookies can instruct their web browsers to refuse them.  However, doing so will prevent access to some areas of the site and limit your use of some of the FITNZ services.

Registration Form

Registration on FITNZ is completely optional.  The FITNZ registration form requires users to provide an email address.  We require this information in order to provide additional free services such as Job Alert and CV creation.  To complete the registration process, you must choose a username and password.  You may also choose to record your first and last name.  This information will automatically populate the relevant fields when and if you use the FITNZ online application facility.  We may use this information to send users information about FITNZ (e.g. a newsletter by email).  Users may opt-out of receiving this information.  If you forget your login name and/or password you can request that we provide this information to you.

Job Alert

Job Alert is a free and optional service.  It requires users to complete the FITNZ registration process and to give information about the types of vacancies they are interested in.  This information creates a "Job Alert profile".  A Job Alert profile can only be viewed by the person who created it (or anyone whom that user gives his or her user name and password to).  Users who sign up for Job Alert will receive an automated email message from FITNZ to the email address nominated by the user.  The email will contain details of job vacancies that match the user's criteria.  It may also contain messages from FITNZ advertisers or partners and messages from FITNZ.  Email will be sent whenever suitable vacancies are published on the FITNZ site, but not more than once per day.  Users can modify or delete their Job Alert profiles at any time.  For more information on this visit FITNZ Help.

Creating a CV

CV creation is a free and optional service.  It requires users to complete the FITNZ registration process and to complete a form listing their contact details and work history.  The CV is stored on the FITNZ site.  Users can choose to keep this information private, or to make their CV available to authorised FITNZ advertisers. All data contained in your CV will be viewable by authorised FITNZ advertisers if you choose this option. 

A private CV can only be viewed by the person who posted it (or anyone whom that user gives his or her user name and password to).  If a user allows access by FITNZ advertisers, advertisers may view all user details including name and contacts, as supplied by the user when completing the CV form.

Online applications

Online application is a free and optional service that requires registration.  It requires you to complete mandatory fields (first name, last name, phone and email).  You can choose to write or attach a cover letter and attach a CV previously stored on FITNZ or on your own computer.  This email will be directly sent to the advertiser.  A log file is created which notes the sender and recipient's email address. This log file is referred to if errors are reported.  This information may also be disclosed to FITNZ service providers and contractors from time to time who assist us to deliver our products and services.

User Feedback

FITNZ welcomes ideas and feedback from you about all aspects of the site.  FITNZ stores feedback that users send to us.  This feedback is used to administer and refine the FITNZ service, and, at times, may be shared with FITNZ partners either in aggregate form or with specific identifying characteristics (e.g. email address, name) removed.  We may also use the information and ideas you send us to improve or promote the site, but we will not publish your name in association with any information you provide without contacting you and gaining your permission.


FITNZ recognises that information related to your job search is highly personal and sensitive.  Access to your personal information is provided by use of your username and password.  You are responsible for ensuring the privacy and security of your username.  You may choose to send or store personal information at FITNZ.  This could include job applications sent directly via email to FITNZ advertisers or making your FITNZ CV available for selected recruitment consultants to view.  These services are optional.  Your CV privacy preferences may be edited at any time.  FITNZ does not sell, trade, rent or lend your personal information to others without your authorisation.  This information may be disclosed to FITNZ service providers and contractors from time to time who assist us to deliver our products and services.  If you contact us with a request for assistance in using site features or report an error, authorised FITNZ employees may access your user registration details solely in order to diagnose your problem and identify solutions.

Opt Out

Our site provides users the opportunity to opt-out of receiving communications from us.

Off Site Links

FITNZ provides links to other sites.  FITNZ is not responsible for the privacy practices or content of these websites.  Your activity on those sites is covered by the privacy policies on those sites.

Syndicated FITNZ Content

FITNZ syndicates its content to, and distributes its content through, other sites on the Internet.  Your activity on these sites is covered by the privacy statement on the site in question.

Delete/Unsubscribe Information

To cancel your FITNZ registration, simply send an email to with 'Delete my registration with FITNZ' in the subject line.  Please include the username for your account in the body of the email.