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Volunteer PT amp;amp; Group Training

Work Type: Casual / Vacation Categories: Business Opportunities, Group Exercise Instructor, Gym Instructor, Mind/Body Instructor, OTHER, Personal Trainer, Small Group Instructor
Location: Christchurch Company: Focus

Volunteer PT amp;amp; Group Training

I am always seeking help from any fitness industry students, PT\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s, instructors to help at Pt In the park.
If you are available to help, either each week or every now and then, then I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'d love to have you join our team of local people.
PT in the park is free for anyone to attend, every Saturday 9-10am.
Myself and who ever is helping run the session meets at 8:30am to discuss who is doing what, the overall program layout and set up.
We also utalise a private Facebook page for organisation.
Great to gain experience for large groups, outdoor training and anything else I can offer support for.
Each session could be anywhere from 25-80people attending and we\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ve done a few fundraising events with 150 people most recently.
PT in the park is now a registered Charitable Trust and I have big plans for it moving into 2017.
If you would like to be involved or know of someone who may be suitable, please email

Here’s recent feedback from our current helpers:
I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ve only done this once, but I just love
being able to help out and get involved. It\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s also good to get
different programming ideas, getting to know different people,
seeing heaps of people with different abilities and being able to
scale exercises for them. It gives me more confidence to work with
bigger groups and work with a range of people. Being able to help
out the team and get to know them more. I really loved helping out
and can\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t wait to be able to do it again! I think it\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s also good
exposure and a place to test out new ideas on a large

I get a massive sense of achievement from
seeing people enjoy their workouts and having fun with exercise.
Doing the technique progression sections is great because it
teaches me how to tweak people on exercises and also makes sure
that all the people participating are learning and improving as
well. I love the interaction with other people in the industry too.
Working with PT in the Park has also helped me gain confidence
working with and talking to big groups. Because of the large range
of ability levels at PTIP I have learnt a lot of variations or put
variations into practise that I haven\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t had to before. Awesome
experience from all aspects.

I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ve only done it once as well, but I enjoy
being a team player and assisting others where possible - PT in the
Park is a really good opportunity to serve people in an important
area of life.

I help out and enjoy to do so because of
the sense of community that it brings. no matter who you are and
what you do, we all struggle as an individual and as a team with
how we look and try to be healthy. Having a place like PTITP to
bring everyone together to make it ok to be so as long as you are
puting in the effort to progress for yourself and your strengths.
Even better is that it is free to anyone every Saturday at

It has grown my confidence as well as test
my knowledge... Every Saturday is different which keeps it

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